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NuvaxovidTM COVID-19 Vaccine (recombinant, adjuvanted)

NuvaxovidTM COVID-19 Vaccine (recombinant, adjuvanted) has been granted a conditional marketing authorisation for active immunisation to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 12 years of age and older, and as a booster dose approximately 6 months after the second dose in individuals 18 years of age and older.

Information on the NuvaxovidTM COVID-19 Vaccine (recombinant, adjuvanted)

If your enquiry is regarding the NuvaxovidTM COVID-19 Vaccine (recombinant, adjuvanted), you can find some useful information in the resource below.

Request Medical Information

Novavax is unable to provide medical advice regarding your health condition. Please consult your doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider, who is in the best position to advise you about the suitability of a particular treatment as they have access to the details of your medical history, as well as information on all medicinal products.

To ask Novavax Medical Information a question about a Novavax product please call
+40 31 631 1885 between 09:00-17:00.

Report an Adverse Event (AE)

If you are concerned about any potential side effects, it should be reported to the National Medicines and Medical Devices Agency at

Alternatively, adverse events of serious concern in association with a Novavax product can be reported or to Novavax Pharmacovigilance at +40 31 631 1885 or via the Novavax Adverse Event Reporting Form.


Report a Product Quality Complaint

If you have a product quality complaint related to a physical issue with a Novavax product or its packaging, please report the complaint via ONE of the following ways:

Option 1: Complete and submit a Product Quality Complaint Form by clicking on the button below.

Report a Product Quality Complaint

Option 2: Call +40 31 631 1885 between 09:00-17:00.